The Company

Dentoni Costruzioni Generali (DCG srl) was founded in 1950 and has over sixty years’ experience in building and designing civil works and technological plants and systems.
The Company puts its skill and expertise at the client’s disposal to create made-to-measure projects with the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on our strict compliance to the following business principles which we deem of primary importance:


•             Adoption of innovative technical solutions;

•             Selection of qualified, competent, reliable staff;

•             Meeting the planned deadlines;

•             Respecting the contract budget;

•             Construction sites which comply to safety regulations;


The Company’s activity is carried out with rigorous attention to social and environmental issues, while remaining competitive in both the medium and long term. Each new contract entrusted to us by a client is considered unique and our strategy is to adopt an organizational structure for every project which offers the advantage of being well-articulated but at the same time flexible, multiform and temporary. Our standard of reference is that of Project Management which ensures the success of a project by the application of knowledge, skill, instruments and techniques which guarantee an efficient execution of the work commissioned.
DCG s.r.l. has SOA certification (certification attesting quality issued by the authorized body under the Ministry for Public Works) Category OG1 (civil works and systems) Class VI (€ 12,394,000) and Category OG11 (technological systems). Moreover since 1999 the Company has observed a system of quality management in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulations certified by the ICIC in Rome.


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