Constructionof the new Fire Brigade station - San Vito (CA)

Client: Home Office
Construction of the new Fire Brigade station - San Vito (CA)


The project concerned the construction of a series of buildings for the local fire department: the logistics block, the garages and the drill tower. The buildings are connected physically and conceptually by a porch. The logistics building houses the areas for the management of emergencies and the offices for general management activities: seminar rooms, changing rooms, relaxation and dining areas, technical rooms and bathrooms. The garages contain the vehicles. The most characteristic feature of the station is the drill tower, equipped with the relative safety mechanisms for staff training. The bearing structure was constructed with a reinforced concrete frame laid on ground beams, completed with pre-slab roofing. Numerous complex systems were installed, among which: the heating and air-conditioning system, the water and sanitary systems assisted by solar collectors inserted architecturally in the base of the porch; the area equipped for the washing of the vehicles and the fire system; the compressed air system; the electrical systems.

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