Real estate initiative for residential units

Client: Dentoni Costruzioni Generali

PROJECT Q6: Real estate initiative for residential units


The building currently under construction in the suburbs of Cagliari, in the Municipality of Quartucciu, is class A+ and combines high comfort living with low energy cost.
The implementation of the project takes into account a number of architectural and town planning factors.
The starting volume is the prototype for a single family unit designed with contrasting  elegant modern features.
The works have been designed to guarantee a highly functional use of the space available, consisting of two-room, three-room and four-room units, some of which have a private garden.
With the use of the most innovative technological solutions residents are offered a top quality living solution, thanks also to the under-floor heating system, the excellent insulation of the building casing and the doors and windows which provide maximum thermal and acoustic insulation. The high quality of the systems, careful choice and use of materials and advanced anti-seismic structures are characteristics which make it a genuine, long-term real estate investment.

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