Hospital project for the Orthopedic Trauma Centre - Iglesias

Client: Autonomous Region of Sardinia- Local Health Authority N. 7 – Carbonia

Hospital project for the Orthopedic Trauma Centre - Iglesias


The project currently in progress includes the working design and carrying out of the completion, renovation, bringing to compliance and extension of the Centre of Orthopedic Trauma hospital unit in Iglesias. DCG is committed to fulfilling the project objectives which are of primary importance both to the client and to the urban area where the hospital unit is located. The works, which are extremely complex and highly technological, include:

The modern delivery block which will also contain delivery rooms for water births;
The pediatric and pediatric surgery ward;
The digestive endoscopy ward.
The works extend over three floors with an overall surface area of approx. 4,600 square metres. The building will

be completed with an external insulating coating in order to comply with Class A energy performance requirements.

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