New Military Marines Corps Barracks (CEMM) – Port of Olbia

Client: Ministry for Infrastructure
New Military Marines Corps Barracks (CEMM) – Port of Olbia


Construction of the new Military Marines Corps Barracks (CEMM) – Port of Olbia
The works were carried out in the port of Olbia, in an area where there was an existing building in precarious conditions which was demolished before the construction of the new building began. Due to the nature of the site to guarantee maximum stability of the planned building, poles with small boreholes were made and embedded in the granite foundation by roto-hammer drilling in correspondence with the foundation plinths connected by a network of bond beams in reinforced concrete. The raised structure consists of a reinforced concrete frame composed of pillars, beams and two anti-seismic central units constituting the bearing casing of the staircase and lift shafts. The project, covering a total volume of 6,941 m³, adopts technical solutions which ensure a high quality standard of the building complex. The construction features of the works aimed to achieve the best micro-climatic conditions and maximum energy saving through the installation of suitable thermal insulation on the perimeter walls and roofing, the elimination of thermal bridging, the use of insulated aluminum doors and windows and external curtain walls in masonry with high thermal inertia. The flat roofing was realized using an inverted roofing system.


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